Monday, March 11, 2024

The Snuts Come Circling With Thought Provoking New Single

Dive to the final and longest track of The Snuts recently released third album, ‘Millennials’ for the fantastic and thought provoking ‘Circles’.

Circles’ being the last song appears to be symbolic of the album itself which takes you through and round, on a similar holistic path.

The West Lothian Indie Rockers, Jack Cochrane (vocals/Guitar), Joe McGillveray (Guitar), Callum Wilson (Bass) and Jordan Mackay (Drums) with Director Michael Sherrington created the video for ‘Circles’ and teamed up with fellow Scot and award winning actor Tony Curran, playing the role of an every day working man.

The end of February delivered two sold out live shows, an album and video release with a pending world tour and first ever USA headline show. These are a very busy group, with 2024 looking like a very important year.

In the music video, Curran’s performance as a taxi driver in the dark and rainy Glasgow, takes the viewer on a ride of powerful emotions. Perhaps Curran is in a circle of his own, being the son of a cabbie himself.

The video shows a relationship, incorporating the highs and lows. Journeying through past memories of love, laughter and adventures. The passengers, are our drivers thoughts, his younger self and wife. We begin alone, parked in a taxi, looking down at a past photograph, remembering joyous young love and happy times. The middle of the song hits and we see distant arguing, Curran delivers pain, frustration, and anguish making you really feel for him and consider your own significant other. The wife removes her wedding ring, and you realise the drivers ring has been hanging from the mirror for the duration of the video.

We move on and see our driver comforted by his wife for a few moments, with feelings of forgiveness and relief. As the camera pans, to reveal Curran alone again, finally leading us back in full circle, happy and content with a smile and beautiful memories.

Circles’ and the wider album is less socially-political and much more every day human, which the video fully delivers on and the lyrics shine through. ‘Circles’ provides skilled vocals, well crafted lyrics and beautiful acoustic guitar.

Millennials’ was created on tour, in between shows, while on the road, squeezing studio days in, when possible. It is available now.

Rhys Tagg
ImageJay Davison

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