Friday, March 15, 2024

Strawflower Release The Psychedelic Surf Single ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hills’

Strawflower, originating from Los Angeles, is a surf rock and psychedelic pop duo consisting of members Gary Whisnant (vocals/guitar) and Ryan Albaugh (drums). 

The pair have an experimental approach to their music, as established in their latest single ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hills', where they cleverly blend elements of country, garage rock, and folk to paint of rich image of Southern California, capturing an essence of solitary travelers, deserted beaches, and enchanting hills.

 'The Haunting of the Hollywood Hills' commences with a brief, blunt guitar and drum rich with distortion that echoes and gradually intensifies to seamlessly meld with a clear, repetitive guitar arrangement. This guitar exhibits depth and gentleness and has a subtle country twang but subsequently, heavy distortion reemerges, creating a striking contrast. 

An electric guitar is added into the mix, introducing variations within the overall tempo of ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hills’. Its deep and hazy tones contribute to the track’s psychedelic aura, while subtle elements of surf rock seamlessly integrate. These additions bring an upbeat and energetic flair, showcasing Strawflower’s adeptness at crafting captivating tonal textures, using juxtaposition to their advantage. 

Strawflower has created an outstanding single with ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hill’ . Showcasing their ability to play around with the distinct elements of different genres and subtly blending them throughout a singular track without going overboard proves their songwriting capabilities are strong and that ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hills’ is just the beginning. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Haunting of the Hollywood Hills’ Official Single Cover

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