Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Rachel Chinouriri Shows Real Depth With New Single ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’

Lyrically deep and sonically solid, this latest single from the 25-year-old from Croydon shows a wisdom beyond her years. 

‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’ carefully plots a path that would, unfortunately, lead to suicide and shares the story from the point of the narrator across five carefully crafted verses. Rachel Chinouriri effortlessly weaves chorus and verse as she propels the somber story forward toward its bleak conclusion.  

Telling the story of a woman who falls in love with a man, who will eventually go on to abandon her once she falls pregnant, then turns her to suicide, Chinouriri clearly articulates each emotion with such poise and vigor, that it is easy to get lost in the tale she spins. 

Describing an overdose as “In the kitchen, eating things that she shouldn't / She woke up dizzy under hospital lights” she effortlessly raises the emotional stakes, with the same matter-of-a-fact vocal tone she has adopted throughout the track. 

A rambling bassline and steady drums carry us through each emotive verse, with Chinouriri’s sharp vocals clearly guiding the listener through the track. Backing vocals are added during the chorus to add some texture, but all in all, it is the lyrical content that makes this song such a heavy hitter. 

Dan Jones

Image: ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’ Official Single Cover

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