Sunday, March 17, 2024

Kim Gordon’s ‘Psychedelic Orgasm’ is an Auditory Hallucination Waiting to be Experienced

Coming hot off her latest album, ‘The Collective’Kim Gordon’s Psychedelic Orgasm is an experience of warping perception and expanding consciousness.  

The opening verses paint a vivid picture of L.A. as a vibrant "art scene" but with a generational divide simmering beneath the surface. Dragging out her voice as if exhausted by the city’s intensity, Kim observes teenagers "Tik-Toking around" and craves to understand what they're "cooking up," both literally with their trendy smoothies and metaphorically with their lives.

The musician speaks of “picking out potatoes” that are “$20 each”. Both absurd and almost humorous, these lyrics hint at the high cost of living, cultural trends, and carefree youth culture in L.A. The simple yet catchy refrain, "L.A. is an art scene," perfectly underscores the city's infectious energy.

When Kim talks about "tongues hanging out" and "bodies on the sidewalk", this paints a picture of a hot, sun-drenched Los Angeles. There’s also the contrast between the peaceful "zombie meditation" she sings of and the intensity of "getting caffeinated", which highlights the diverse experiences L.A. offers.

When it comes to the sounds accompanying the lyrics, they’re almost disorienting, as if to mimick the hustle and bustle of the city. There are haunting layers to the song, with the electric guitar and drums almost at war with each other; nearly resulting in a musicogenic seizure. You’ve got panicked percussion meeting the long razor note of the guitar to bring out this dark and beautiful composition.  

‘Psychedelic Orgasm’ is an audible kaleidoscope of raw, unapologetic creativity.


Vukile Nstaba

Image: ‘The Collective’ Official Album Cover

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