Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Fletcher Serves A Tasty Antidote In Her Latest Album Release

'In Search For The Antidote' is an emotionally jam-packed album that explores Fletcher's mind and heart in coping with heartbreak, healing, and the rush of moving on - entirely full of vulnerability as she exposes her ups and downs. 

The latest pop album is an epic rush of unravelling as through the storytelling woven within each track, you can feel the pain, the highs, and the lows in a frenzy in the first six songs that hold the most representation of the complex relationship with moving on; the grief, relief, and bargaining hail loudly. 

Tracks such as 'Two Things Can Be True' and 'Doing Better' examine the internal dualities of that experience. The former is almost like a cry for the ex to see how they should feel two things at once: being happier in a new relationship and missing her: "You can have his body and still think of mine too / You can still call mе up at night / He can still be the lovе of your life". Meanwhile, the latter is for her crawl upwards of entering a healthier point in her life - partying, rocking, travelling, - doing all that she can to prove she has moved on and having fun while having a small hope of reuniting but doing her best to maintain the path of letting go. "I'm doing better, I've been lookin' for my center / But my tummy still hurts, why does better feel worse?".

One thing to note is that within her music, and particularly this album is that she is showing how she navigates her relationships as a queer woman - as songs mention watching exes move on with other women or men, demonstrating a different type of perspective to heartbreak. This brings an edge to her writing by creating a space for showcasing her reality of heartbreak, and even though many of us have felt it, it unfolds differently for her. As Fletcher battles her inner and outer demons to find her antidote, it feels like she is peeling away codependency to land on her feet and find herself. It's a journey in gorgeous vocal fries, powerful and dreamy synths, and poignant lyrics ("Hope my lips haunt you for life / Hearin' my name twists the knife" from 'Ego Talking'). 

All of which flows with exhilaration after hesitation, finding a love that feels cohesive and worthwhile in 'Joyride'; "Nobody catches the girl, double dare you to try / Steal the keys to my heart, take it out for a joyride".  Wrapping up the album with finding her 'Antidote' after trials of the stages of grief, recklessly trying to cope, reminiscent of past relationships, and finding a new safety and security in love coated in a sonic background full of relief; "On your new rock and roll / You're the medication I wanna take / You are my antidote". 

The album is a showcase of how there’s no right path, but your path is getting your ideal outcome for yourself in self-love and romantic love. Regardless of your sexuality and journey in and out of love, this riveting and raw (and hot) pop album is for anyone to listen to and relate to.

Tyra Baker 


Image: ‘In Search For The Antidote’ Official Album Cover

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