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Sia And Kylie Minogue Release Self-Love Anthem ‘Dance Alone’

Ten years after their first collaboration, Sia and Kylie Minogue reunited to release the self-love and groovy pop anthem ‘Dance Alone’. This collaboration is a sneak peek of what is to come for the nine-time Grammy nominee singer-songwriter, Sia – that is, an upcoming tenth studio album ‘Reasonable Woman’.

‘Dance Alone’ is a groovy pop single with a powerful dance beat that highlights not only the artists’ creative synergy but also their distinct vocal styles and lyrical mastery. The track reminisces Minogue’s critically acclaimed album ‘Tension’, as its rhythm and beats transport the listeners to a night out at the club. 

‘Dance Alone’ not only brings people on a euphoric journey with its beat, but, through its powerful lyrics and choruses, it also explores the themes of self-love, self-discovery, self-expression, and empowerment, alongside the celebration of individuality, self-sufficiency, and independence. “Won’t stop, can’t stop / No clock, another shot / Happy, so free / Look at mе, finally”, Minogue sings in the second verse about freeing herself and having the time of her life alone. 

With its pop and disco blend along with Sia and Kylie’s vocals and harmonies,  ‘Dance Alone’ showcases the importance of creating a track that has the power to uplift the listeners. With ‘Dance Alone’,  Sia and Minogue have achieved a self-love and timeless anthem that recognises the beauty of self-sufficiency and individuality, and that resonates with different generations. 

‘Dance Alone’ is the third track of Sia’s upcoming album ‘Reasonable Woman’, expected to be released on 3 May by Atlantic Records

“I am not afraid/I know I’ll be ok/There’s nothing you can say,” the song declares before diving into the chorus: “I just want to dance alone/I ain’t never going home…I just want to dance alone/I just want to lose my phone”.

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Image: ‘Dance Alone’ Official Single Cover

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