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Kim Gordon Explores Breaking Gender Stereotypes On New Single ‘I’m A Man’

'I'm A Man' is the latest single from the queen of cool, Kim Gordon. Gordon rose to fame as bassist and vocalist of one of the most iconic and influential bands of the 20th century, Sonic Youth, and has since been a part of numerous other musical projects such as Free Kitten and Glitterbust alongside her own solo albums.

‘I’m A Man’ is the second single released from her upcoming album 'The Collective' which is due to be released on the 8th of March.

Following her most recent track debut ‘Bye Bye’, which has already become a fan favourite, ‘I’m A Man’ continues to see Gordon push the boundaries of rock music. The track features a distorted guitar with an almost trap-style beat creating a unique merging of genres that, paired with spoken word vocals, feel like a new wave of punk.

Gordon has been making music for over 40 years which becomes even more impressive when listening to this refreshingly innovative sound showing that as a creative artist there is still so much she is capable of. 

Gordon has never shied away from feminist lyrics that challenge gender stereotypes within her career with one notable example being Sonic Youth’s ‘Swimsuit Issue’ in which Gordon details how male executives at her previous record label Geffen Records would see women as two-dimensional, and thus felt they could take advantage, “don’t touch my breast/ I’m just working at my desk”. 

'I'm A Man' is no exception to unapologetic lyrics that challenge societal norms . The lyrics "I'd like to shave my beard just so/ Manicure my nails/ Put on a skirt" then followed by "don't make me have to hide or explain/ What I am inside". These lyrics explore the absurdity of sticking to gender stereotypes that are ingrained into our culture and detail breaking through these societal norms.

The music video with the single features an effortlessly cool Gordon alongside her daughter Coco Gordon-Moore.

If this song is anything to go by, the entirety of ‘The Collective’   is guaranteed to be an influential masterpiece. Kim Gordon is and has always been the trailblazer for new and evolving sounds which shows that even at the age of 70, nothing will stop her from continuing to be one of the most important musicians of all time.

Jodie Marshall


Image: ‘The Collective’ Official Album Cover

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