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It’s Getting Sonnee With New EP ‘Chalk’

Upcoming Manchester dance and electronic producer Sonnee has dropped his first officially released EP, ‘Chalk’. Released on February 16, the EP features emotionally evocative songs with warm synths that blend well together, alongside the artist’s trademark use of vocals to ramp up that emotion.

Opening track for the EP ‘Love Now, Again’ is an uplifting, upbeat song with hopeful lyrics such as “I was lost, and now I’m found”. It’s catchy and is an excellent introduction to the EP as it helps the listener get a sense of those Sonnee musical trademarks. 

Of the next track, ‘Fever’, Sonnee said “[It’s] about the heaviness that comes from pushing things away & the release when you accept the feeling”. This is supported by the building up of tension in the verses which releases in the choruses, as Sonnee effectively structures the song to help evoke emotion from listeners. 

‘Feel This (How Long Will I)’, produced by Sonnee and Benji Lewis, infuses jazzy piano chords with Lewis’ beautiful vocals to create an incredible song. Meaningful lyrics such as “How long will I feel this / Far away from healing” compliment the moving instrumental beat. 

Hard hitting drums and a leading bassline give ‘Driver’s Seat’ a distinct dancey feel. Placed perfectly in the EP’s tracklist, the tune gives listeners an opportunity to get up and dance whilst still remaining in the overall thought-provoking sphere of ‘Chalk’

Final track ‘With Hope’ contains a delicate soundscape which concludes the EP perfectly and almost feels like it could be played during the credits of a film or TV show. Its gradual fade out of musical parts at the end really adds to this sense of finality in terms of the release. 

The EP artwork, created by Leo Horton, visually represents the emotions of the release well. Each element of the artwork moves either clockwise or counterclockwise in the EP’s visualisers, a subtle creative decision that pays off well by adding another dimension to the harmoniously layered tracks. 

‘Chalk’ is perfect for the lead up to Spring, and it’s exciting to see the direction Sonnee is taking with his music and to think what will be next. Sonnee will be performing at The Hackney Social on the 13th of March, and it will be interesting to hear the music live and experience the atmosphere he creates. 

Emily Bundock


Image: ‘Chalk’ Official EP Cover 

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