Monday, February 26, 2024

Are You Numb to it? Friko Releases Exhilarating Single

Chicago duo, Friko, delivers Indie Rock with meaningful lyrics, captivating melodies, and plenty of emotion. The duo released their newest single, ‘Get Numb to it!’ which hit Spotify in February 2024.

The track is upbeat, and has a 70s classic, nostalgia feel. The song starts upbeat and then it gets mellow, as the chorus is introduced. As the song carries on, you feel the intensity as the bass builds.

One thing that Friko does consistently in all their songs is create chants and express emotions to a point where the instruments and the lyrics fuel one another. 

The repetition of “And it doesn't get better it just gets twice as bad because you let it / So you better get numb to it, get numb to it, get numb to it” that is chanted at the end of the song, are resonating lyrics that most people may relate to. However, the song is very metaphorical and creates vivid imagery that makes the song memorable. 

Teiatra Davis


Image: ‘Get Numb to it!’ Official Single Cover

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