Saturday, January 27, 2024

TC Tenet Takes Us On An Epic Atmospheric Journey With ‘Dr. Universe’

The emerging London-based artist TC Tenet has uncovered his latest alt-rock song called ‘Dr. Universe’

He successfully combines rock with an atmospheric ambiance certain to leave his audience craving much more. What makes this track all the more impressive is that it was written and recorded in his garden shed though there is no indication on the recording that would lead listeners to believe that. 

Instrumentally, TC Tenet manages to merge drums, guitar, bass, and vocals to create his unique sound that is already resonating with a rapidly rising fanbase in the UK and beyond. The music begins with distorted guitars and a synth before they briefly fade away to leave room for the opening lines “I am the blessing, and I am the curse / I make it better just before the worst”.  

Lyrically, the song crafts a character who has a moving, passionate, and fundamental story to tell. It seems like a constant to and fro of a person fighting to find one’s path to a better life by singing “Is it the cosmos or the chaos you trust? / I am the gambler, Dr. Universe”. Each has their own interpretation, but one could also argue that the record is a reminder to remain focused on the future and that life will never appear without risks.  

The outro includes the refrain “I am the gambler, Dr. Universe” before a mesmerising sound closes the record including a drone-like sound that could also be described as therapeutic. 

The year ahead looks quite optimistic for TC Tenet as he continues to write and record fascinating music in his garden shed.  

Antony Bailey  


 Image: Official 'Dr. Universe' Single Cover

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