Sunday, January 14, 2024

Spacey Jane Kick Off 2024 With a Banger

Aussie indie band Spacey Jane are synonymous for their emotive, catchy and spacey (mind the pun) sound, and pen carefully crafted lyrics which are meant to be screamed out by the listener.

Formed back in 2016, the Aussie four-piece broke out on the scene with smash hits such as ‘Lots of Nothing’ and ‘Booster Seat’, with this recognition now garnering them an impressive 432 million global streams across their whole catalogue.

This latest single ‘One Bad Day’ is their first of 2024, and follows the ‘Spacey Jane’ formula to a t.

This band put a lot of emphasis on complex baselines, and ‘One Bad Day’ is no differentkicking off with soft vocals paired with a pronounced and twisty baseline which grabs the listeners attention instantly. 

Both guitar and drums keep a steady rhythm throughout this three and a bit minute track, whilst the lyrics tell an emotive story of adversity and positivity through a painful period in ones life. 

Lead singer, Caleb Harper croons during the chorus:

“One bad day, I lost my shit and called the week off / Got your way, You threw the baby out with the trough / It's not that bad if you think about it”

They acknowledge that pain is a part of life, and try to present a ‘glass half full’ approach.

This is a cut that feels like it bookends their sophomore album somewhat, and stylistically follows its sonic formulas. Despite its slightly deep subject, this is a track that can (and most probably will) be blasted during a summer sunset drive with the windows rolled right down.

Image: ‘One Bad Day’ Official Single Cover

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