Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Power Of Emotion In Music Is Certifed In Griff’s Collaboration With Chris Martin on New Single ‘Astronaut’

22-year-old singer-songwriter Sarah Faith Griffiths is known in the music industry by her stage name Griff and has been releasing phenomenally crafted records for four years now.

Initially keeping her music ventures private as she attended school, the artist has recently been awarded the Brit award for Rising Star (2021) as well as signing to Warner record label, a large but well-deserved leap from sitting A-level exams.

In more recent times, she has teamed up with Chris Martin, a member of the world-renowned band Coldplay, to produce her new track titled ‘Astronaut’.

Having written the song alone, Griff’s intense emotionalism really comes through the entirety of the track. Her vocals are always superb and lend her listeners a sense of comfort and beauty in the lyrics. Before releasing it, she says that, during the tour in which she supported Coldplay, Chris Martin listened to her music and advised her that keeping it simple was the key. Taking his advice led to a more refined version of her initial track, one that, from beginning to end, kept listeners in their seats with tears in their eyes. 

As a young person finding comfort in music much like the rest of the world, Griff’s theme in this single of being left behind in a relationship feels raw and intense. It feels pure and the connection listeners develop with each note is simply enchanting. Her lyrics of “I hope you find all you need/ It hurts to know that’s not me” musically connotes this feeling of lacking hope within yourself, one that is so often found in youthful relationships as you navigate the world around you. There are so many times in which feeling lost seems inherent, and Griff’s single allows this idea to be normalised; listeners can seek comfort in the togetherness of such emotion. 

Altogether, it is a beautifully composed piece of music, and the work of Chris Martin alongside Griff simply makes this perfection set in stone. The world is so lucky to have musicians such as these collaborate in the way that we see here. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Astronaut’ Official Single Cover

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