Friday, December 01, 2023

Gunning For Allie Explore Themes Of Loss In The Brand New Synth Pop Track ‘Alive’

The Australian pair, Gunning For Allie, has returned with their latest single, 'Alive,' a track infused with 80s inspiration that delves into themes of loss and its profound impact. 

Gunning for Allie, composed of seasoned actor Joshua Mulheran and Isla Vera frontman James Waters, emerges as a dynamic synth pop-rock duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

Having garnered online streaming triumph with earlier releases, the duo is now geared up to elevate their musical journey. Originating from their days in a high school rock band, the lethal writing partnership of Josh and James unfolds through Josh's lyrical prowess complemented by James' instrumental craftsmanship. Their music, characterized by soft piano hooks, 80s-inspired synths, and lively guitar riffs, encapsulates a genuine and captivating vocal synergy. 

'Alive' embodies the essential elements of synth-pop, commencing with a lively blend of uplifting synthesizers and commanding beats, forming a sonic wave. Accompanied by mechanical drums, it generates an energetic surge that will undoubtedly have listeners tapping their toes. The buoyant tempo and rhythm persist, yet Gunning For Allie skillfully employs juxtaposition. This seemingly optimistic sound is contrasted by poignant lyrics, such as "Another year without you, even longer when you never call," evoking a somber sense of love and loss”.

Gunning For Allie explores profound personal themes in 'Alive,' infusing them with an uplifting and irresistibly catchy vibe. Harnessing emotion to fuel their creative expression, it's certain that 'Alive' will compel listeners to press the repeat button.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Alive’ Official Single Cover

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