Tuesday, November 07, 2023

The Drums Unearth a Gut-Wrenching Single (Ft Rico Nasty)

The well-established American indie band turned solo project The Drums have collaborated with rising rapper Rico Nasty to release another single called ‘Dying’ from their latest album ‘Jonny’. The song has been swiftly gaining popularity amongst fans of both artists since it was dropped.  

The intro begins with the intro “All my life, dying all my life” and this could be interpreted in numerous ways. One way could be how one has waited their whole life for that one special moment with their soulmate.  

Lyrics such as “I could tell you how I’m feeling / But I know that you won’t understand” and “I couldn’t trust you now / I couldn’t trust you then” epitomise the sentiments many feel when pondering the possibility of revealing their love to someone special. The fear of failure is often too heavy for many to take the risk they have been considering their whole lives.  

Instrumentally, the song is relatively light. Synths are more prominent in this record than in others; dynamically, there isn’t a dramatic shift, and it isn’t necessary for this specific track. The music fades away in the outro with the repeated lyrics “I don’t wanna be alone forever”

The song title will make many assume the track is bound to be gloomy and it is. The best thing about this track is its ability to hit home when it comes to expressing love and emotion to a soulmate

Ultimately, this latest tune has already been well-received far and wide and undoubtedly will continue to prick the ears of music lovers around the world.  

Antony Bailey  


 Image: 'Jonny' Official Album Cover

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