Sunday, November 19, 2023

Dua Lipa Releases an Empowering Single Encouraging The Realisation of Just How Wonderful Her Listeners Are

The incredibly talented singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has recently released her new single entitled ‘Houdini’ and, with its dynamic and enticing sound taking the world by storm, her fans are really excited to keep this track on repeat all summer.

Dua Lipa’s 2017 album acted as a gateway to fame for her, especially her single 'New Rules', which earned her a UK number one upon release. Subsequently, from here, the artist has progressed immensely and earned a great number of fans in awe of her stage presence and musical talent. Her new track inevitably adds to this already hugely loved collection of music from the artist, therefore, the new single is already a big hit. 

It opens with a strong and upbeat sound, setting a scene of empowerment and self-love that is then diffused into the lives of her listeners. This motivation is one often associated with the singer-songwriter in her musical creations; she frequently embodies a strong-willed and universally adored figure within the music industry. Therefore, we hear a beautiful and powerful fast tempo throughout the whole song, implying a strength within Dua Lipa, but also an encouragement for this to bleed into her listeners’ lives too. She immediately embodies the ideology that we should all feel good and confident within ourselves, and should subsequently feel a powerful sense of self-love. Her lyric of “Tell me all the ways you need me” showcases this; we feel proud to be ourselves and must acknowledge the great strength each person innately acquires.

This tempo is upheld throughout the single, meaning her listeners have this sense of empowerment from start to finish. However, an interesting aspect of her music is the very end in which lyrics are scarce but the music and low pitch is dominating. The track itself remains insanely catchy, and embodies the attributes of the best part of living a single and freeing life. It is a tune we are sure to sing for a long time yet. 

Overall, the tempo gives us this ecstatic feeling of self-empowerment and self-love in living a single life, and its pitch sets it aside from many of Dua’s previous tracks. As listeners, we are encouraged to acknowledge our self-worth and feel important within ourselves, which is a message that stands to be so crucial in the everyday loves of her listeners. It is a beautifully constructed track that utilises the dynamics of her vocals and the accompanying music, and listeners are so grateful to have it at their disposal now. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Houdini’ Official Single Cover


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