Thursday, November 09, 2023

A Wanderlust of Sound: Tobias Bader And The Myriad EP ‘Speed of Light’

Tobias Bader, a maestro of diverse genres and musical exploration, makes a striking comeback with his newest EP, 'Speed of Light.' Filled with nostalgic echoes of the sixties and seventies, this release seamlessly transitions between an array of styles, ensuring a captivating journey that undoubtedly beckons listeners for repeated enjoyment.

Hailing from Berlin and now based in Amsterdam, Tobias Bader specializes in crafting approachable vintage pop music, drawing from an array of genres such as acoustic, folk, country, soul, disco, rock, and punk. His signature blend of vocals and guitar guarantees a melodious tune, delivering a distinct and identifiable sound uniquely his own.

‘Speed of Light’ had an undeniable homage to the 1980s and the titular track of the EP. Tobias has a captivating voice that is the main focus of the overall track with the iconic guitar and drum acting as the framework, simple but effective. 

'Speed of Light' has an undeniable homage to the 1980s. Tobias showcases his mesmerising voice as the central element of the song, while the iconic guitar and drums form a straightforward yet powerful framework, creating an effective musical backdrop.

‘Rock My Planet’ takes a step back from the 1980s, and features a nostalgic rock and roll vibe, showcasing captivating guitar riffs reminiscent of the 50s mixed with the 60s, boosted by high energy and an incredible guitar solo.

‘Ice Crystals’ exhibits Tobias Bader blending punk with classic American rock tones, employing a brisk tempo, complex guitar solos, dominant drums, and skillfully incorporating intricate brass instrumentation, resulting in a refined and polished edge.

‘Low Budget Rocket’ embodies a surf rock essence, comprised of irresistible riffs and engaging hooks that seamlessly blend with an upbeat, toe-tapping drum rhythm.

‘Secret’ adopts a soft rock style, blending subtle percussion, intricate guitar picking, and powerful drumbeats alongside captivating brass instrumentals. Just like the title track "Speed of Light," these instrumentals, though ethereal, serve to complement Tobias Bader's remarkable vocals.

Tobias Bader demonstrates an impressive range in the EP, experimenting with various genres and musical styles. Each track on ‘Speed Of Light’ offers a unique experience, creating an exhilarating journey that escalates in strength with every new song.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Speed Of Light’ Official EP Cover


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