Sunday, October 01, 2023

Weslynn Release The Short But Sweet EP ‘Lights On'

Indie-rock trio Weslynn have released their latest, self-produced EP ‘Lights On’, a compact release that has a DIY ethos with a polished edge that makes way for a positive listening experience. 

Weslynn formed in 2013 by longtime friends and classmates Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, and Kevin Holmes. They soon developed a fan base both locally and online through their self-produced music and playing in coffee shops and other music venues. 

‘Lights On’ opens up with ‘Riptide’, a short but sweet track that is reminiscent of The 1975’s self-titled era. The track has an upbeat tune that oozes with optimism shown through Weslynn’s use of soft guitar melodies and a prominent drumbeat to add a slight contrast in order to ease in listeners and then making a perfectly smooth transition into the next track ‘Look To The Skies.’ Though not the longest track on the EP, ‘Riptide’ showcases Weslynn’s songwriting capabilities, it conveys a lot of attention to detail in such a succinct track and should not be overlooked. 

‘Look To The Skies’ is a continuation from ‘Riptide’, having that same level of optimism throughout.  An indie rock anthem with an electronic pop flare and calming effect. ‘Look To The Skies’ is simple in structure  and is made up of infectious drum beats with an energetic electric guitar riff. Jared Geyer’s vocals are in a tenor vocal range, they are soft with a slight edge to it complimenting the self-produced style of the EP. 

The focal point of ‘Lights On’ is ‘Nights Like Last’. It is fueled by nostalgia and is about recounting memories with a bittersweet feeling as shown in the lyrics “I want more nights, night like last. I want more love, love like that.” ‘Nights Like Last’ is told through emotionally charged instrumentals, including retro synths and clean vocals making way for the perfect indie-rock track.

Weslynn have released a simply stunning EP in ‘Lights Out’ though not the longest, each track has stand out moments and has a level of detail that makes for an endearing and appreciative listen that will have listeners coming back for more. 

Ana Joy King

Image: ‘Lights On’ Official EP Cover

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