Thursday, October 26, 2023

Strange Souvenirs Reflect On All Things Heartbreak In The Emotionally Charged ‘Exit’

Strange Souvenirs have returned with their latest single, ‘Exit’ a poignant track that lays bare the raw emotions and vulnerabilities of heartbreak. The track utilises minimalistic musical arrangements and poignant lyrics to create a moving listening experience that’s driven by contemplation. 

From Berlin, Germany Strange Souvenirs is a sibling duo composed of Matt and Tom, who skillfully blend bass, guitars, synths in a lo-fi approach to fashion their own unique sound and identity. Strange Souvenirs are recognised for their drawn ability to craft musical anomalies with distant dimensions of sound, consistently delivering a refreshing and unconventional musical experience with highs and lows. 

‘Exit’ begins with a deliberate, unhurried tempo, creating an intriguing atmosphere that gradually evolves into a graceful fusion of strings, keys and a subtle drumbeat, evoking a sense of melancholy. The deep and emotionally charged vocal delivery, reminiscent of Nick Cave and his performance style, effectively encapsulates the themes of heartbreak and emotional turmoil in the lyrics as expressed “I guess it all depends if it breaks or bends / Waking up alone in the twilight zone…I thought we had a vow”.

Strange Souvenirs guides listeners on an evocative voyage, employing straightforward instrumentals that form an ideal backdrop for a profoundly emotional vocal delivery that will help listeners come to terms with their own heartbreak in a calm and collective way. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Exit’ Official Single Cover

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