Sunday, October 22, 2023

Red Rum Club Deliver a Perfect Western Action Theme with ‘Godless’

If you want indie, mariachi and dance music all in one, you have come to the right place. Liverpool legends Red Rum Club have released their latest single, ‘Godless’ from their upcoming album: 'Western Approaches’ (release date 23rd February). 

This could have easily been a theme tune from an old Western film, as the two main characters are getting ready for a stand-off with their guns. 


The song begins with a beep, an odd choice, however, it symbolises a ‘ready, set, go’ situation. The music instantly kicks in with a build-up after the beep sound effect, which is then followed by very upbeat, fast-paced guitar, bass, and drums. 

No warning for the listener, no time to prepare for this. This constant movement of the drums and guitar is extremely reminiscent of the classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ opener - ‘Misirlou’ by Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - the connection is unmissable. However, Red Rum Club has put their signature twist on the tune with the Mexican stand-off style trumpet from Joe, a catchy riff that mimics the melody of the chorus. 


The drums throughout the song are so cleverly composed by Neil; they simulate the sound of horses’ feet, which is an incredible move. Proper Western movie moment here with the dramatic sound of the steed galloping off into the sunset after a triumph in battle. Red Rum Club know how to make an intense tune, and here they have done exactly that. 


Fran provides the listener with his iconic powerful, manly vocals, taking the stage and asserting his dominance in the song like he is his own god that he has been missing. 


The chorus is as if the band said, “let’s get every instrument ever and include them”, it’s so full on and exciting, like a full orchestra scoring the scene from a Hollywood classic. 


As if the build-up during the bridge isn’t intense enough, there are choir backing vocals screaming out this cinematic melody that brings the whole section together. This track could easily be a ‘James Bond’ theme, and no one would question it, it fits the criteria perfectly. Can we expect a ‘James Bond’ theme from Red Rum Club in the future?


A sudden ending, no warning, is the big finale of this hard-core single from Red Rum Club, leaving the listener on edge wanting more, three minutes and 19 seconds isn’t long enough. Everyone is holding out for 23rd February for the rest of the music in hopes that it continues on this excellent path. 

Izzi Glover

@izziglover / @izzigloverphotography

Image: ‘Godless’ Official Single Cover

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