Thursday, October 12, 2023

NSYNC Whisk Their Fans Away To A ‘Better Place’

Legendary American boyband NSYNC have returned with the pop-stomping new single ‘Better Place’, recorded for the soon-to-be-released animated film, ‘Trolls Band Together’


The band formed in Florida back in 1995 thanks to Chris Kirkpatrick, and has simply stood the test of time as they swiftly approach their thirtieth anniversary.  

The band catapaulted themselves to fame in the ‘90s after releasing hit singles such as ‘I Want You Back’ and ‘Thinking Of You’.  


The single starts with a whistling melody before the vocals enter the recording: “It’s some kind of love, it’s some kind of fire / I’m already up, you lift me higher”, setting the tone for a feel-good track about falling in love and finding someone who makes life more pleasurable.  

The chorus really packs a pop-punch, full of energy, flamboyance, and inviting its audience back to the boyband’s glory days of the late ‘90s. Dynamics are used subtly to keep the tempo, momentum, and feel-good factor on full throttle from start to finish. 


The track concludes with the lyrics “Take you to a better place / I’m gonna make you kiss the sky tonight” before fading out with the whistle from the beginning of the record. This latest pop tune will undoubtedly be heard for some time to come as it prepares to make an appearance on the upcoming ‘Trolls Band Together’ - NSYNC will surely find a new generation of fans once the film hits the screens. 


For many, it will be all too real to see the guys reuniting to revive ‘90s boyband mania, and long may it continue for music fans around the world. 


Antony Bailey


Image: 'Better Place' Official Single Cover


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