Thursday, October 05, 2023

DJ Shadow is Back in the Groove With New Single 'You Played Me’

One of the most influential musicians of all time, DJ Shadow, revolutionized not only sampling, hip hop, and electronic music, but the entire music scene in general with his album ‘Endtroducing…..’. 

Now, the artist is back with a new single to remind us why he's a true pioneer in the industry with his latest track, 'You Played Me'.

You Played Me’ is a blend of synth funk & synth-wave elements that seamlessly weave together from a diverse range of sources. DJ Shadow's careful work is clear in putting together sounds, making a rich and detailed musical picture. The result is a captivating collage of sound that pays homage to his hip-hop roots while embracing the electronic and synth-wave influences that have shaped his musical evolution. A mesmerising blend of vintage synths and funky basslines immediately transports listeners to another world. 

'You Played Me' shows DJ Shadow's versatility, highlighting his ability to explore different sounds without being confined to a single genre.

You Played Me’ is a reminder of why DJ Shadow is considered one of the pioneers of modern music, continually pushing the boundaries and reinventing himself. And his forthcoming album ‘Action Adventure’ promises to be yet another groundbreaking chapter in his remarkable career.


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                                                                                            Image: ‘You Played Me’ Official Single Cover

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