Friday, October 06, 2023

Deeply Vulnerable and Personal: Benjamin Spike Saunders Releases His Self-Titled EP

Floating through waves of slow, unfurling guitars, Benjamin Spike Saunders has released his self-titled EP, a collection of five songs that delve into the mundanities of everyday life through delicate and distorted sounds for pensive escapism and an exceptional listening experience.

Bristol-based multi-musician Benjamin Spike Saunders plays a solid part in the local music scene. Known for playing guitar for Katy J Pearson, bass in the Punk band Cruelty, and dabbling in directing music videos in Clump Collective.

Opening with ‘Dressing Gown’, a deeply sophisticated but hazy track that explores solitude, Saunders sings in a calm and emotive voice as though he is whispering sweet nothings to himself and it is because of this that we as the listeners are being intrusive to this vulnerability. This is shown through the repetition of the lyrics “I’m no use to you” where Saunders uses repetition to almost create a negative affirmation. This is aided by the subtle and delicate guitar strings that add to this vulnerable point of view creating a bittersweet feeling within. 

Benjamin Spike Saunders uses interludes to break up and add moments of reflection, as shown in both ‘Interludes I & II’. Showing off his skills as a musician by creating waves of distorted guitars in a psychedelic-like haze that oozes with emotion to really add to the themes of vulnerability. 

‘I Can’t Impress You’ perfectly creates an intricate array of slow and airy soundscapes that are simply told through a delicate guitar and a prominent drumbeat that mimics a heartbeat. Though it delves once more into a vulnerable state of mind, it explores themes of solitude and unrequited feelings as shown through the repetitive lyrics “No, I can’t impress you…”. The tempo is calm and collected and overall an enjoyable listen. 

‘About Here’ is a powerful indie ballad that smoothly transitions from ‘Interlude II’ by opening with distorted soundscapes and effects that build up perfectly into a distinct but blunt guitar riff. This blunt guitar offers a deep contrast with the soft vocals offered by Saunders and an enigmatic female voice. Dream-like and hazy, ‘About Here’ perfectly concludes Saunder’s self-titled EP. 

Benjamin Spike Saunders pours his heart into his self-titled EP but does so simply by using emotive lyrics and delicate instrumentals that grasp the listener from the get-go until the end. hazy but effective this self-titled EP is absolutely stunning. 

Ana Joy King


Image: 'Benjamin Spike Saunders’ Official EP Cover

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