Friday, September 01, 2023

To Hell With Tradition Releases the Profound New Single ‘Open Season’

To Hell With Tradition is back with the latest release ‘Open Season’, a charismatic and uplifting single from the soon-to-be-released fourth album, ‘Blind Spots’. 

Founded in 2019, To Hell With Tradition is the pseudonym of Achim Hofmeyer, an independent singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and music producer from Heidelberg, Germany.  To Hell With Tradition combines indie rock and power pop with earnest philosophical and spiritual lyricism and a deep swathe of metaphors and allegories, creating vivid imagery in the minds of his listeners.

‘Open Season’ is about how as individuals we are always asking questions, seeking the answer and once we have found the response we come to a natural conclusion that that is the end of the journey and there is nothing left to learn. However, ‘Open Season’ takes listeners on a profound journey, making listeners realise that it is just the beginning, as shown in the lyrics “In all reality, it's more than what you see. Your imagination sets you free.”

It begins with a throbbing drumbeat that has the captivating charisma of the post-punk genre. It is continuous and harsh but it is juxtaposed by the strong, deep piano chords that are interluded in between the intense beats. This breaks up the belligerent rock elements and adds a softness to the track. 

‘Open Season’, has an element of lo-fi with To Hell With Tradition’s vocal style, deep and monotonous. But as a theatrical twang in the percussion and synth that consistently builds to an uphill tempo and is familiar to Creeper’s ‘Napalm Girls’. Its light and airy elements are counteracted with bursts of energy. 

To Hell With Tradition shows off his attention to detail with ‘Open Season’, combining and borrowing multiple elements of genres and style to create a baffling yet well-constructed track that makes for an intriguing and informed listen. 

Ana Joy King 


Image: ‘Open Season’ Official Single Cover 

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