Friday, September 29, 2023

Teen Spirit Soars with Ettie's Latest Track 'Marty McFly’

Ettie is a singer/songwriter from London who possesses a unique blend of raw talent and impressive storytelling. 

With the artist’s dreamy voice, mesmerizing lyricism and wild melodies, Ettie stands out from other upcoming artists and shines brightly in the music scene, and her newest single ‘Marty McFly’ is a beautiful example of her artistic prowess.

'Marty McFly' is like a time-traveling adventure for your feelings. The artist starts the song with the line: “If I could go back in time like Marty McFly”, shouting out to the iconic character from ‘Back to the Future’ who time travels in the film. Ettie's dreamy voice takes you on a journey where memories and emotions blend together in a beautifully nostalgic way while her lyricism weaves a story that feels like a warm embrace. 

The guitar instrumental of the track brings emotion and depth to the music, letting the instrument express itself. The catchy chorus of ‘Marty McFly’grabs hold of your ears and doesn't let go. You immediately find yourself humming along, unable to resist the urge to get lost in the music. 

Ettie's ability to blend melody and emotion is remarkable and in just one song, Ettie shows us what she's all about, making us look forward to her future music.



Image: ‘Marty McFly’ Official Single Cover 



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