Friday, September 08, 2023

Squid Rock The Stage In Live Video Performance

It is a rare occurrence to witness a band that performs better live than on a recorded album, but Brighton-based Squid have just provided evidence that they are one of those bands.

Squid have just released a video of their performance at London’s RALLY festival earlier in August this year, where viewers can take a glimpse into what a gig by a band like Squid is truly like. The band performs two of their popular songs ‘Pamphlets’ and ‘The Blades’ both of which seem to generate a stellar reception from the audience.

The live video opens with Squid performing ‘Pamphlets’, a dizzying fusion of post-punk and experimental prog rock. The song almost instantly elevates the audience with video footage of inside the mosh-pit allowing the viewer to feel as if they themselves are in the crowd watching Squid live.

‘Pamphlets’ originally featured on the band’s 2021 album ‘Bright Green Field’, which received perfect-score ratings and was described as a debut for the ages".

As ‘Pamphlets’ ends there is a very brief intermission, with members of the band beating on cowbells to keep the tempo before quickly transitioning into one of their newer songs ‘The Blades’.

‘The Blades’ comes from their most recent album ‘O Monolith’ released back in June of this year. The song starts off more relaxed and tamer than ‘Pamphlets’ but in true Squid fashion, quickly transcends into a loud, improvised-sounding electronic whirlpool of sound which sends the crowd into a frenzy.

Both songs are paired with psychedelic visuals and flashing lights which, paired with the interesting dynamic of the band, creates an unusual stage set-up. Specifically seeing the lead singer of Squid, Ollie Judge, playing drums while simultaneously singing shows the skill that Judge possesses as a musician.

If anything, the main element that can be taken away from watching the video of their live performance is how energetic and impressive their live shows seem to be.

Jodie Marshall

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Image: Holly Whitaker for The New Yorker

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