Thursday, September 21, 2023

Haunting Melodies and Whimsical Soundwaves: Wuzy Bambussy and Kat Harrison Release The Ethereal Track ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’

Kat Harrison and Wuzy Bambussy, the eccentric alter-ego of songwriter/producer Nikolai Jones have teamed up to create ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’, a crepuscular track that mixes the different elements of pop with funk for a seamlessly ethereal aesthetic. 

Based in England’s West Country, Wuzy Bambussy has a diverse discography, working with a rag-tag host of accomplices to delve deep into a range of genres including electronic, beatific soundtrack of world sound, folk, funk, and indie.  

‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ is a whimsical and introspective track that follows the thoughts and feelings of Kat Harrison, reflecting times of change and contemplation. These themes are explored through heartfelt lyrics such as “Full of tomorrow’s, I’m wearing yesterday’s shoes they hit the pavement and feel like new.” 

‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ sees Wuzy Bambussy use a repetitive piano that is hard-hitting and distinct instantly striking the attention of listeners. This is then met with a brief beat when Kat Harrison’s vocals kick in which then transcends into a bouncy, upbeat tempo that continues to lock in listeners and transporting them into a wavey soundscape. 

What makes this track so endearing is Kat Harrison’s vocal style. Her voice is soft and instantly identifiable with a subtle witchy flare that is easily reminiscent of a young Kate Bush. This whimsical style effortlessly blends into a range of acoustic guitars and the continued piano that gives ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’va sanguine undertone but with a discreet ominous feeling within.

‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ is an excellent song that sees the two styles of Kat Harrison and Wuzy Bambussy come together to create a complex tune that is told through haunting melodies and whimsical soundscapes. Instantly iconic, ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ is a must-listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ Official Single Cover

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