Sunday, September 10, 2023

Golem Dance Cult: ‘Carpe Noctem’ Revisited

Golem Dance Cult revisit the weird and wonderful ‘Carpe Noctem’, an epic sound wave of weird and wonderful musical elements from their incredible album ‘Legend Of The Bleeding’. 

Golem Dance Cult are a visionary music project consisting of Charles Why, known for his work with Nexus and L-DOPA and Laur, who has contributed to Sparkling Bombs, Kevin K Band and Vague Scare.

Golem Dance Cult follow themes of escapism and desire through captivating melodies and spine-tingling hooks, showing innovation and experimentation. What is captivating about‘Carpe Noctem’ is their rich use of juxtaposition and layering shown through contradictory musical elements such as industrial sounds and mechanic rock and vocal stylings that are familiar to David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ vocals with a subtle and monotonous undertone. All these elements are blended together and create a harshness and cold exterior that conveys a bleak and monochromatic landscape with a glimmer of hope. 

Golem Dance Cult have created a weird and wonderful blend of sound that has a multitude of layers. Their attention to detail is gripping and with each listen comes a new appreciation for the different musical elements they experiment with throughout. A subtle song ‘Carpe Noctem’ will captivate listeners not by being the loudest in the room but being the most detail-orientated one. A must listen.  

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Legend Of The Bleeding’ Official Album Cover

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