Sunday, September 03, 2023

Conan Gray Releases A Heart Twisting Tale With 'Winner'

The rising American solo artist Conan Gray, who originally hails from Lemon Grove, California has been writing and recording his own music since he was a teenager. He has since moved away from his hometown to focus on his music career and has recently released his latest emotionally entangling offering called ‘Winner’. His latest release is gripping and undoubtedly set to hold the listener in its clutches for some time to come.  

The track commences with a melodic intro on piano, whilst the vocals simultaneously enter the frame. The first line “Packed my bags at 14/I didn’t plan on leaving, but you haven’t been back home for days” refers to the struggle of being around people who make one feel increasingly lost, vulnerable, and hopeless.   

The first chorus is more spacious due to the exclusion of the drums, leaving plenty of room for extra emphasis on the delivery of the lyrics. The drums enter the frame in the second verse, immediately driving the dynamics upwards, and consequently increasing the demand for an emotionally expressive release. “There’s nothing that ever did quite kill me more than what you did / Take a bow cause you’re the winner” is the repeated refrain in the chorus before the record reaches its conclusion.  

Gray’s latest single has already been well-received both in the US, across the pond, and beyond. His music career is still budding as he remains firmly footed on his own path in the music industry. This track ultimately reflects on abusive and toxic relationships where one is manipulative and dominates the other. There is much to be gained for not fearing the truth, and admitting when things are not going well. 

Hopefully, this track continues to inspire and empower those with whom the music resonates.  

 Antony Bailey  

 Image: 'Winner' Official Single Cover

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