Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Claire Rosinkranz Releases Director Inspired New Single ‘Wes Anderson’

Fast-paced and incredibly catchy, this latest release by SoCal artist Claire Rosinkranz has the same replay factor as its namesake’s films.

This earworm runs for just over two minutes and a half and grabs the listener’s attention straight from the off. Rosinkranz’s short, snappy vocals in the first verse pair effortlessly with the background synths and echoey pop-style drums.

The chorus is punchy and concise and after a few listens, will have the listener singing along also with ease. The lyrics of chorus are an introspective wake up call of sorts from the artist to stop being so hung up on a relationship that seems to have fizzled out, and refocus energy on the things that matter in life. 

When will you wake up, get over your break up / give yourself a moment, one, two three / Moments are fleeting, somethings don’t break even, and nothing’s guaranteed”. 

The cut is well produced, with the vocal balanced well with the plethora of synth-pop instrumentals that are included in the mix. The backing vocals are highly effective and highlight the lyrics in the chorus particularly well. 

Poppy with a hint of self-reflection, this single will have fans reaching for the replay button more than once.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Wes AndersonOfficial Single Cover

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