Thursday, August 17, 2023

Whitney hit back with latest single ‘Kansas’

Less than a year after releasing their debut studio album, Chicago-based indie-folk outfit Whitney are back with their latest single entitled ‘Kansas’. A winding, free-flowing folk tune, this latest cut has strong elements of traditional Americana-style folk, coupled with an impressive vocal performance.


This track has a sort of homesick feel to it, and evokes a strong feeling of emotional instability and unsureness. This is best described in the short two-line chorus that is repeated throughout the track: “And the feeling comes and goes / Like the wind blows over my shoulders”.


The instrumental is what you would expect from a folk song, rather linear and focused around a simple acoustic guitar. There are some nice slide guitar embellishments and string lines which swell and contract in and around the chorus also.


Along with the single release, a visualiser was also released which depicts the lyrics of the track projected by an old film projector in a rather cerine and aptly decorated candle lit room. The gentle turn of the film reel can be seen as it keeps up with the lyrics sung.


‘Kansas’ has actually been around for a while and was originally written in 2017. The tune has existed in many different forms before it was eventually added onto their live show setlist in 2022, and received a positive reaction when played. This latest and presumably final incarnation was recorded in March of this year.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Kansas' Official Single Cover 

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