Wednesday, August 09, 2023

The Secret to Being a Woman revealed : FIZZ share the phenomenal ‘As Good As It Gets’

As if we thought new and exciting band FIZZ couldn’t surprise us anymore. Indie pop artists Orla GartlandDodieGreta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown have teamed up and created this quirky new mysterious band, and their debut album ’The Secret To Life’ is out 15th September and no one knows what to expect. 

As Good As It Gets’ is the fourth single they have given the fans on the journey to the release of the album.

You never know what to expect with this band, with each single comes more surprise. Big things are coming for this album, I fear. 

Men, have you ever wondered what it’s like being a woman in a patriarchal society? Look no further, ‘As It Good As It Gets’ perfectly encases how exhausting it is being female today. It is clear the women who wrote these words are fed up and tired of how they’re being treated. The repeated lyric “How’s that for you? / Any feedback?” sums up the constant need for a man’s approval that the songwriter feels. Greta begins the song with her soft, feminine vocals accompanied by a light bass riff. This was meant as an illusion to draw the listener in and make them think Greta is a weak and passive woman singing these lyrics, only then for the shock to be put in place. 

The listener is struck with American emo punk electric guitar riffs with Greta taking the lead in the vocals, obviously letting out her anger at the “big boy” that the song is addressed to. We have the classic FIZZ harmonies from the rest of the band members that we got to see in action from the behind the scenes recording of ‘Hell Of A Ride’, the second single released from the band. The electric guitar sounds raw and unedited, like it was recorded in one take in someone’s bedroom. The drums also have this effect. An interesting choice from people who are well established and essentially are expected to sound clean and polished. FIZZ are still a new band and this reflects how early they are in the journey and that everyone has to start somewhere, as that is life. Now the album title is beginning to make sense, ’The Secret To Life’. 

The whole track is one massive sarcastic remark which is very different to the third single released, ‘Close One’, a soft and slow little song. Women everywhere will be inspired by this song, proving they don’t need men to be happy or to feel fulfilled. The band shares the ‘secret’ that women can do anything when they put their minds to it. The vocals towards the end resemble that of ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop and Charlie XCX, a song about forgetting to care what other people think and doing whatever the heart says. ‘As Good As It Gets’ has this rebellious 2000s rock chick feel to it, which is all too familiar and nostalgic to music fans everywhere. 

It’s hard to predict what is coming next from FIZZ, the most surprising band of 2023. 

Izzi Glover
Image: ‘As Good As It Gets’ Official Single Cover

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