Sunday, August 13, 2023

The intensity and hardship that comes with true love is beautifully demonstrated in James Arthur’s new single


After appearing on The X-Factor in 2012 and kick-starting his professional career in the music industry, singer-songwriter James Arthur has risen to great fame in the last decade.

From producing and releasing songs on his own, Arthur has been signed to Columbia Records UK and Columbia Records Germany for two years now thus allowing his stardom to greaten with each single and album release.

He creates tracks embodying a solemn peacefulness in which listeners bathe in the melody, fusing such with lyrics to pull at the heartstrings of every fan individually. Undoubtedly, he has already made a great name for himself and acquired an immense fan base. 

The artist recently released his new song ‘Blindside’ and it has already been spectacularly popular. Opening with a strong yet melodic guitar piece, the immediate feel of the track is an enjoyable and upbeat one. At first glance, we hear how the music is fast in tempo and high in pitch, thus creating this sense of pleasure and energy. However, the lyrics take a lower tone and offer us the vulnerability that Arthur is notorious for. Once again, he has given fans a place of paradox in his music. 

The lyrics demonstrate how important it is to reflect on past relationships and learn from them, and grow as a person. It’s raw, it's powerful and it’s relatable to so many people experiencing that ‘right person, wrong time’ love in the modern world. He sings in his chorus “‘Cause you caught me on the blindside/ Right place at the wrong time/ And I don’t wanna love the ghost of you”, an incredibly heartbreaking display of fading out of love, or even like, with the person you were once closest to in the whole world. As an artist with such openness in his natural voice, this message is portrayed through the vocals so well and such signposts the move into a fresh new era in the artist’s career. 

The ending maintains this acoustic sound, and leaves us with one final note held until the commencement of the piece, offering this implied idea of one love carrying through an entire life. The track itself is so well thought out, wonderfully constructed to shed light onto the passion his music displays whilst segueing into the more raw and almost wounded sound he is looking to adopt. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘Blindside’ Official Single Cover

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