Tuesday, August 08, 2023

ĠENN release an ambient and sensual summer single

The rising American group ĠENN have unveiled their latest single titled ‘Calypso’. Despite its name, the track doesn’t follow a calypso format but undoubtedly serves a similar purpose by immersing the listener into the music and helping them unwind. 

The track is part of their latest album ‘Unum’, which was only released a couple of weeks ago and has already been received positively amongst fans and followers.  

Much of the song is instrumental and the music is mostly therapeutic, calming, and can be described as a composition that can cater to a range of different ambiances and atmospheres depending on the mood. There are poetic verses to embellish and add extra emphasis to an immersive song, drawing on a range of styles and genres to carefully craft a well-composed single.  

The track begins with a smooth melodic riff on the guitar until the vocals enter the frame. ‘’The pillars of my chest quiver in silence / Nauseous out of breath’’ suggests feelings of fatigue in addition to the feeling out of sync and distanced from one’s true self. Other lyrics such as ‘’Desperation devoured you / It’s forbidden and excites you’’ point towards feeling unfulfilled and constantly searching for a thrill or a more memorable and meaningful journey through life. 

The music remains instrumental until the end from there. The saxophone acts almost as a meditative drone as it helps to l unwind and place themselves into the music. 

The dynamics gradually increase as the song concludes but never seems to go beyond the stage where it could be considered to be non-meditative.  

Antony Bailey


Image: 'Calypso' Official Single Cover

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