Thursday, July 06, 2023

The Third Man Release The Emotional ‘What She Wrote’

On the cusp of releasing their album ‘Somewhere To Leave’, Edinburgh-base three-piece band The Third Man bring their latest single ‘What She Wrote’ a sorrowful, peculiar track that depicts an unnamed woman at her most vulnerable and the love letter she wrote to her ex-lover through a gentle indie-rock soundscape.

Opening with an ominous thunder that fades and blends into an intricate acoustic guitar and violin strings instantly creates a gloomy and sombre setting, toying with the emotions of the listener and painting a vivid image of a devastating breakup. 

A subtle whisper of sweet nothings then echoes over distinct drum beats making way for a peculiar soundscape that on the first listen feels confused and as though it doesn’t quite fit together. The Third Man uses this as a subtle metaphor of the two fictional characters depicted in ‘What She Wrote’ no longer being compatible with each other. 

The Third Man use a blend of spoken word with emotive vocals to delicately build a sombre atmosphere,  depicting what was written in the actual letter alongside the reaction of the person receiving it. This itself feels intrusive, as though the listener is not meant to hear these vulnerable words stirring up a lot of emotion especially in the spoken lyrics “I can’t be without you, I don’t know who I am without you”.

‘What She Wrote’ takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, experimenting with sound and elements from the indie genre that add to a highly relatable story and that will have listeners reaching for the tissues.  

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘What She Wrote’ Official Single Cover

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