Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Pop Legend Gwen Stefani Touches on Truths on 'True Babe'

The 90's and noughties American pop icon Gwen Stefani has returned to release a brand-new single called ‘True Babe’, produced with the Swedish duo Jack & Coke. 

The Californian has been touring across Europe with Pink lately, and this is her first single to be released since ‘Slow Cap’ featuring Saweetie in 2021. 

The record begins with the subtle twanging of guitars before Stefani enters the frame to sing the first line of the verse “Your tattoo still looks cute to me / We’re old news but you’re new to me” From there, the dynamics remain relatively subtle until the latter stages, gently fluctuating between verse and chorus whilst the song instruments are playing in unison.   

The chorus dynamically packs more punch as the drums and bass combine to lift the tune’s mood. The message behind the song is to embrace the love of your life or the love that surrounds you. No matter how much time might pass, love is eternal and knows no borders. Lyrics such as “Cause it’s true babe, true babe / I’m sleeping better next to you babe” bring peace and only reiterate those sentiments.  

The track suddenly concludes with Stefani saying, “I’m sleeping better next to you babe”. 

Stefani’s sound has altered somewhat since she arrived on the scene with No Doubt and forged her successful career as a solo artist.  


Antony Bailey


 Image: 'True Babe' Official Single Cover

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