Friday, July 07, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo bares her fangs in vicious new single ‘vampire’

After Olivia Rodrigo took over the world with her 2021 album ‘SOUR’, it seemed like a near-impossible feat to top the likes of ‘traitor’, ‘driver’s license’, and ‘jealousy jealousy’. Somewhat unsurprisingly, ‘vampire’ shows that Rodrigo’s debut album wasn’t a case of beginner’s luck. 

Although the intro of ‘vampire’ is sonically reminiscent of ‘SOUR’, the lyrics take an unfamiliar and vicious turn. Rodrigo seethes and vents about the titular vampire – an ex-partner who has abused her trust and figuratively left her for dead – “bleeding me dry, like a goddamn vampire”.  

The latest single from Rodrigo is a brilliant example of progressive songwriting, every change in tempo is unexpected, yet feels completely natural. The track spans multiple genres, but at its core it is a well-written and excellently produced pop song. As the tune motors on, tackling toxic behaviour and fame chasers, the bridge takes a different direction. The drums are drastically lifted in both volume and pace, and almost completely change the melody. The change in pace is paired with more scathing lyrics. Rodrigo spits “You said it was true love, but wouldn't that be hard? You can't love anyone 'cause that would mean you had a heart”. No apologising, Rodrigo goes for the jugular. 

The crescendo of ‘vampire’ is expertly cut short, leaving the listener desperate for another taste of her upcoming sophomore release. It demonstrates that Olivia Rodrigo isn’t just taking a nibble at being a pop icon, she’s sinking her teeth into the role. With the release of her new album ‘GUTS’ only a few months away, it’s clear that Olivia Rodrigo has something special in store, again.


Charley Passmore


Image: ‘vampire’ Official Single Cover


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