Monday, July 03, 2023

Maise Peters: how 'The Good Witch' separates her from turning into a ‘TikTok sound’

Having risen to mainstream popularity thanks to her song ‘Not Another Rockstar’ going viral on TikTok, Maise Peter’s newest album ‘The Good Witch’ does a great job at setting her apart as a serious break-out artist, instead of a one-hit-wonder.

A breakup album clearly influenced and highly reminiscent of those that came before, she brings soft tones and tender vocals, managing to slightly maintain her native accent, to create an at times heartbreaking sound that any young woman can relate to. Detailing a 22-year-old's lost love, Peters' album is set out to represent all the stages of grief that come with it.

The track ‘Two weeks ago’ details the initial wish to go back in time, back to a time before they broke your heart, a time when you “knew you loved me babe / when you told me that”. Before everything fell apart.

The gut-wrenching gentle voice, accompanied by a soft melody of pianos and string instruments, recounts the wish to have more time, to go back in time and kiss “when we first wanted” and not “miss all the time we did” to create a great ‘first couple of months apart’ piece.

Moving around in the album, we find pieces like ‘Body Better’, retailing the initial self-doubt of the moment you are left wondering how, no matter how good you were for them and how much you wanted to believe that they truly loved you, they still left and are now with someone else.If it was nothing I did and nothing I said / and I know I gave you all of myself one hundred percent / now I’m watching you moving on in the beat of a drum.

Coming to the conclusion that the only reason must be the most superficial. That it must be because “she’s got a better body”.

As the tracks go along, we find more up-lifting "you're the one missing out" anthems that leave you wondering what the guy must have been like for her to even reach this point. With a classic Taylor Swift-esque sound ‘Lost the Breakup’ has a more classically ‘I’m doing way better than you ever could’ feel to it, the inevitable realisation that they were never right for you.

While he is left repressing his feelings and running away from reality, you know that one day they’ll wake up and realize “I’m the greatest love that you wasted”. Every piece of the album falls into place to create work that comes together to create an album that will have you thinking back to your old relationships, relieving all the emotions you once felt. If you are looking for your next summer anthem look no further. Any one of these songs, no matter what mood you’re in, will be able to tingle your brain in the right way!



Susanna Borio


Image: 'The Good Witch' Official Album Cover


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