Monday, July 24, 2023

Little Sheba and the Shamans Step Into The Sixties With Their Cover Of ‘BBQ’

Step back in time with Little Sheba and the Shamans and their cover of the iconic 1960s track 'BBQ’ from their debut album ‘Spinning Their Idols’. 

Based in Tampa, Florida Little Sheba and the Shamans are a garage, RnB band consisting of Ari Little, vocals; Christian Little, bass; Joe Van Horn, lead guitar; Debbie Carter, drums; and Paul Mallet, rhythm guitar and all share a love for all things rockabilly.

It is this mutual interest that sees the band take components of 50’s and 60’s music and put their own stamp on the style in order to bring them to a modern audience with a refreshed, newness. This is precisely what they have done with the release of ‘BBQ’, a cover of Wendy Rene’s ‘Bar B Q’. 

Opening in a similar style, Little Sheba and the Shamans’ version still use a rhythm and blues similar to the original track but has adapted a faster tempo. The style of guitar is more distinct and crisp and alongside the drums it gives this version of ‘BBQ’ a punk rock approach through the punchier beat and high energy. 

Ari Little’s vocals are captivating and perfectly capture the charm of the original. However, her vocal style has both a softness and roughness to it and helps give this version of ‘BBQ’ a unique and modern edge but still expresses the rhythm and attitude of the ’60s for a nostalgic music experience. 

Little Sheba and the Shamans have put their own stamp on an already iconic track, using a balance of old and new to create the perfect confusion of post-modern rockabilly and do so in a style that is not only captivating but will have you styling your hair in an iconic beehive. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Spinning Their Icons’ Official Album Cover 

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