Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Bring Me The Horizon Reveal New Video ‘AmEN!’

Broadcasting live from the Church of Gen-X-sis, Bring Me The Horizon present the brand-new, bizarre music video for ‘AmEN’ featuring rap icon Lil Uzi Vert, and post-hardcore Daryl Palumbo, (vocalist of Glassjaw), combining 70’s flower power and Ari Aster-esque horror with the ever-present iconography of the ‘Post Human: Nex Gen’ era. 

Formed back in 2004 in Sheffield, Bring Me The Horizon started out predominantly as a deathcore and metalcore band, showing influences from the likes of Carcass, At The Gates and Metallica on their first record ‘Count Your Blessings’.

Since then they have adapted and developed different styles with each new album, including progressive rock, post-rock, dubstep and electronica especially heard on albums ‘That’s The Spirit’ and ‘Amo’.

Now stepping into a new era, Bring Me The Horizon takes pop elements and mixes them with metal and an old-school emo sound that will resonate with old members of the scene. 

‘AmEN’ starts off calmly, mixing together images of the Church of Gen-X-sis in the form of propaganda with a vintage twang and flashes between cult-like beings. As the camera makes its way toward an abandoned cupboard in the middle of an idle field it causes confusion and tension. As we step through, we are greeted by a brief pause and members of the church are formed triangularly and shrouded in robes, among them is vocalist Palumbo. With a whisper from Oliver Sykes, his distinct death growl kicks in which feels almost familiar of ‘There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It.’ and the ‘Sempiternal’ era where chaos ignites.  

With fast zooms between cult members intercut with members of the band playing and dressed as hippies from the 1970’s, this feels like a natural progression and nod to the music for ‘That’s The Spirit’ track ‘Drown’; where members of Bring Me The Horizon are dressed similarly to The Beatles on a variety show straight out of the 1960’s.

‘AmEN’ as a track has an interesting blend of styles and features, combining an intensely catchy chorus alongside heavy verses with the use of a choir and glitching sound effects, the music video plays into this high energy marvellously. 

‘AmEN’ mixes the old with the new, playing perfectly into the narrative that Bring Me The Horizon have created, through brilliant and intense hooks showing that as a band they  know how to draw in their fans and entice new listeners. ‘AmEN’ is from the upcoming album ‘Post Human: The Nex Gen’ alongside a UK tour in January 2024 alongside Bad Omens and Static Dress.

UK & Ireland Tour dates:

9th – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena

10th – Bournemouth, BIC

12th – Birmingham, Utilita Arena

13th – Manchester, AO Arena

14th – Glasgow, OVO Arena

16th – Newcastle, Utilita Arena

17th – Liverpool M&S Bank Arena

19th – Sheffield, FlyDSA Arena

20th – London, 02 Arena

21st – London 02 Arena

23rd – Dublin, 3 Arena

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘AmEN’ Official Single Cover

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