Friday, June 23, 2023

Urban Americana Noir: Raygun Carver Releases ‘Everywhere You Go Is Where You'll Be'

Hand crafted with blues at the very heart, Raygun Carver has released the track ‘Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be’. 

Raygun Carver is a solo singer/songwriter from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle. His latest track ‘Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be’ is the perfect insight into his musical stylings, perfectly showcasing an intricate cinematic soundscape that merges the melodic drama of a modern time with a twang of vintage folk. 

Opening with the hit of a whammy bar, Carver creates a hazy soundscape that goes straight into an acoustic guitar arrangement, creating an onomatopoeia that shapes the illusion of the American Midwest.

The guitar picking is light and high in tone which is juxtaposed by a deep and slow bassline that is purposefully long and drawn out and is paired alongside a subtle and relaxed drumbeat. The result? Carver is able to play around with and create an interesting tempo and a bluesy feeling.  

Carver’s vocal style is Sprechgesang, deep and with a heavy American twang that mimics a cowboy really honing in on the Midwest setting. This as a result perfectly complements the poetic lyrics including “I think I heard someone say the truth will set you free / everywhere you go is where you’ll Be". 

Raygun Carver has created a playful track that merges vintage and modern elements that is rich in story and style. ‘Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be’ plays with juxtaposition, onomatopoeia, and genre to transport listeners to an entirely different location, creating picturesque scenes and an enjoyable listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be’  Official Single Cover


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