Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Teenage Dads live @ The Deaf Institute

Psychedelic indie band Teenage Dads made their Manchester debut on Friday night with a phenomenal show full of vigorous and infectious energy. 

Jordan FinlayConnor McLaughlinVincent Kinna and Angus Christie aka one of Australia’s hottest bands Teenage Dads, have been touring the UK with fellow Aussie’s Lime Cordiale before embarking on their first headline UK and EU tour.

The insanely talented quartet made the floor of The Deaf Institute in Manchester shake with vibrancy and enjoyment exuberating from their powerful discography.  

‘Come on Cowboy. Fire Your Gun!’ was the perfect opening track to their set. The strong vocals and audience interaction from vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Jordy during this song made the atmosphere electric for the whole show. Hearing the exhilarating guitar and bass riffs at the end of the track performed live was one of those moments you get at a gig where you feel like the song has taken over your whole body and your ears can’t quite believe the quality that is rushing through them. The bar was set pretty high with this opening song, but boy did they keep topping it! 

Teenage Dads continued their set with another epic track from their EP ‘Club Echo’ released in 2021. ‘Elevator’ with its thrilling guitar chords performed by Connor and iconic keyboard notes by Jordy sounded beyond perfect and gave gig goers who were unfamiliar of the band a strong example of the kind of sounds this uniquely polished 4-piece produce.  

The setlist was full of fan favourites from their most recent EP ‘Midnight Driving’ including ‘Hey! Diego’ which the crowd went ape for! The catchy chorus fuelled by enthusiasm and power diffused to the crowd which made the whole room come alive, a feeling that was consistent throughout this gig.  

‘Sunburnt’ from the band’s debut album ‘Potpourri Lake’ released in 2018 is their most popular track with over 4 million listens on Spotify alone so you can imagine the significance of this track performed live. The crowd knew every word to this boppy track and sang along with them. Vinnie’s drumming during this track was a real highlight to the gig and exceeded expectation of how this song would sound live. The shoegaze and summery feeling the track has on the record diverts to another dimension when performed live as every instrument has so much more punch and vivacity in concert.  

If an Australian band doesn’t have their Triple J ‘Like A Version’ on their setlist then they are doing something wrong, so thank goodness Teenage Dads performed their cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ which they recorded earlier this year for the youth radio station. Teenage Dads couldn’t have picked a better song to cover, their vocals and instrumental technique fits perfectly with the bouncy rhythm to this iconic bop and fans went crazy over hearing this in person.  

Unarguably the friendliest and most talented band from Melbourne, Australia closed their set with quite possibly one of their finest tracks to date. ‘Teddy’ finished this remarkable set sublimely with impeccable bass riffs from Angus and politely aggressive vocals during the chorus which the crowd heightened beyond belief.  

Teenage Dads are one of Australia’s prime bands to come out of their exemplary music scene in recent years, and to see them in potentially one of the smallest and sweatiest venues in the UK was a very special moment for fans.  

Alice Mason 

Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image:  Teenage Dads @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester – Alice Mason 

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