Saturday, June 24, 2023

Picture This Share Tribute To Their Irish Roots With Release Of Two New Singles, ‘Red Lights’ And ‘Ireland’

Irish pop rock band Picture This, consisting of vocalist Ryan Hennessy, drummer Jimmy Rainsford, guitarist Owen Cardiff and bassist Cliff Deane, have released two new tracks, ‘Red Lights’ and ‘Ireland’, in a powerful homage to their Irish homeland which showcases both their insightful lyric ability as well as their aptitude for creating catchy melodies.

Both releases are set to form part of the band’s upcoming album, titled ‘Parked Car Conversations’ and which will be available to fans on September 29th, a record which includes fifteen tracks written by the band over the last three years.

 Following the successes of their debut album ‘Picture This’ (2017), ‘MDRN LOVE’ (2019) and ‘Life In Colour’ (2021), the newest project is sure to continue Picture This’ characteristic attention to detail and careful storytelling.

The first track of the two-song bundle record ‘Red Lights / Ireland’ explores the power of love and the emotions that accompany it, repeating the highly lyrical chorus “Baby, all I knew was red lights, red lights / Till you opened up the skyline to my eyes”. Synthesising written skills with striking vocal clarity and simple yet captivating instrumentals, ‘Red Lights’ teases the band’s ability to capture emotional depth through song which will undoubtedly feature on the new album.

‘Ireland’, on the other hand, acts as a poignant tribute to the band’s homeland and the many memories attached to it. Featuring a soaring sound to its vocals and backing track, the release celebrates “those summer nights / When we were so young and alive”. ‘Ireland’ is a bittersweet song that looks back fondly yet with longing at the highlights of the band’s youth, with vocalist Hennessy “wish[ing] [he] was in Ireland’.

Currently in the midst of playing a number of festivals across Europe, including Spain’s Mad Cool Festival and Switzerland’s St Gallen Openair, Picture This will return to the UK and Ireland in October, following the release of ‘Parked Car Conversations’, in order to bring the new album on the road for fans in various locations. Information for festival and gig dates, as well as new music, can be found on their Official Website.


Isobel Reeves


Image: ‘Parked Car Conversations’ Official Album Cover


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