Sunday, June 04, 2023

Greta Van Fleet tease what’s to come on new album with single ‘Sacred The Thread’

Greta Van Fleet, the band that made glam rock cool again, have released new single ‘Sacred The Thread’. The track is the second cut from their highly anticipated new album ‘Starcatcher’, due to be released on the 21st of July.

The American four-piece never cease to amaze, with ‘Sacred The Thread’ living up to their already impressive catalogue of extremely popular songs and generating more excitement for their forthcoming third album.

The single opens with the ever-impressive drumming of Danny Wagner, allowing Jake Kiszka’s intricate guitar riff to sound even more profound. In true Greta Van Fleet fashion, the hypnotic vocals provided by lead singer Josh Kiszka transport you back to the days when ‘70s rock ruled the world. Josh’s unique vocals paired with the band’s talented musicians allow ‘Sacred The Thread’ to put you in a trance that makes it difficult to stop listening.

The song comes across as more dramatic and serious than their other tracks. However, it still has an exciting feel to it, making ‘Sacred The Thread’ the perfect addition for anyone’s playlist for feeling like the main character in a coming-of-age movie. 

The band have always been unapologetically themselves, with their extravagant clothing being the inspiration behind ‘Sacred The Thread’. Frontman Josh Kiszka stated in an Instagram post that, “This song is particularly important to me because it’s about my jumpsuits”. The band teased this on their Instagram by posting a series of posts titled “Beyond The Seams”, which gave a detailed look into some of the iconic outfits worn by the band and how they were put together.

Greta Van Fleet’s music appeals to an extremely wide audience, a songwriting skill many artists can only dream of attaining. Judging by the talent and strong sound that ‘Sacred The Thread’ holds, there will be lots to look forward to in their upcoming album.


Jodie Marshall

Instagram: @jodiemarshall_

Image: Carly Geraci

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