Sunday, June 11, 2023

Glamour And Pink Perfection Shine In Dua Lipa’s New Track ‘Dance The Night’

Whilst her discography has amassed billions of listeners, global superstar singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has collaborated with producer Mark Ronson in her latest track ‘Dance The Night’. Having previously collaborated together with the 2018 smash hit ‘Electricity’, ‘Dance The Night’ is a pop-disco track that’s enriched with a soulful funk edge.

‘Dance The Night’ is the first released and lead track from ‘Barbie The Album’, which acts as the soundtrack to director Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated ‘Barbie’ film. In the film, singer Lipa will launch her acting debut as the character Mermaid Barbie.

Playful childhood memories are challenged by adolescence and emotional concealment within the lyrics “Even when the tears are flowin', they're diamonds on my face”. Feelings of concealment against confusion and distraught are amplified through the upbeat groove of the bass guitar, which adds to the duality of struggle and celebration that is at the centre of the track.  

In the sequin-studded music video, Lipa dances around the mishaps of the behind-the-scenes of the pink glitter-filled setting. Clips from the upcoming movie, including a cameo appearance from Gerwig herself, tease the upcoming film release with a host of celebrities dancing as different film characters.

Ronson shared on Instagram his excitement at the track release; “It started with a DM… So over the moon excited that our song from this incredible movie is finally out today”.

Whilst it’s only anticipated that the film will explore themes of femininity, materialism and collectivism, these concepts are at the forefront of the music video's costumes. Lipa is dressed in a shimmering blouse and mini skirt, brought together with reflective cowboy boots, yet the same outfit is replicated across all of the video’s dancers. Having each dancer dress identically reflects the toy-driven plot of the upcoming movie, where viewers witness the singer appear doll-like and Barbie-esque. 

Barbie’ will reach cinemas on 21 July 2023 alongside the full release of ‘Barbie The Album’. Music from Nicki Minaj, Tame ImpalaLizzo and more will also be featured on the soundtrack album.


Alanya Smith 


Image: ‘Barbie The Album’ Official Album Cover


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