Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Bloc Party and KennyHoopla Combine to 'Keep It Rolling'

Bloc Party have collaborated with the rapidly rising American singer-songwriter KennyHoopla in London to record a brand-new single called ‘Keep It Rolling’.

Their musical worlds collided after Kele Okereke, of Bloc Party, voiced his admiration for the upcoming artist after his swift arrival on the music scene. The song shows how Bloc Party’s sound has evolved somewhat since they burst onto the scene 16 years ago with their debut album ‘Silent Alarm’, but has already been released and has been well-received by fans of both parties.  

This song contains an instrumental intro to increase the tension and anticipation before Hoopla enters the frame with the first line of the first verse “So was it worth it, kissing the toad? / I wanna know, I wanna know’’. This references fairy tales where kissing frogs leads to the hope of finding a prince. A subtle build-up towards the transition into the first chorus is prompted by a brief but power-packed drum fill. The vocals are split between Okereke and Hoopla as they switch between song sections. Comparatively, the chorus is relatively subtle, despite carrying a lot of resonance that many listeners will be able to relate to in terms of trials, tribulations, and damaged, irreconcilable relationships. 

‘’So, was it worth it?’’ is the refrain sung by Hoopla in the outro as the song reaches its conclusion and the audience is greeted by a wall of silence. The song has already received thousands of views across multiple online platforms, which can only indicate the level of success it has achieved since its recent release.  

Both artists have tours scheduled for this summer with Bloc Party embarking on a North American and British tour, whilst Hoopla is heading to the UK and Europe for the summer festivals.  

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Keep It Rolling' Official Single Cover

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