Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Aerosmith Announce Electrifying Career-Spanning ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

Having globally sold over 150 million albums, Aerosmith have cemented themselves in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame with their genre-defining hard rock style. 

Fans can now experience over 50 years of the band’s rock anthems with their upcoming Greatest Hits’ album, which will take listeners on a chronological journey of the band’s growth and records as they established their carefree and expressive style.

The released track list features a mix of 44 live, edited and remixed editions of songs throughout the band’s catalogue, including the iconic records ‘Dream On’, ‘Dude (Looks Like A Lady)’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’.

50 years after their debut, iconic guitarist Joe Perry reflected on the band’s anniversary and experiences as a collective; "In Aerosmith, I’m playing with guys I’ve known and grown up with over the last 50 years. We’re a family. We’ve had our squabbles, to the point where I had to leave for a while, but if anyone came at us from the outside, we would group together as that band of five."

"We had some great moments – some incredible moments – but we had our struggles, too. We grew up from being kids in the garage to living this incredibly chequered life.”

Aerosmith are currently touring across North America in their farewell ‘Peace Out’ tour, which hopes to celebrate their legacy and dominance in rock music for a final time in some of their most loved music venues.

Bandmembers shared their optimism in a joint statement online, emphasising “It’s not goodbye it’s PEACE OUT!”. 

The ‘Greatest Hits’ album will be released on Friday August 18th 2023 on vinyl, CD, and streaming services.


Alanya Smith 


Image: Aerosmith ‘Greatest Hits’ Official Album Cover


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