Monday, May 22, 2023

The Seven Deadly Sins releases mesmerising debut album: ‘1984’

The Seven Deadly Sins is a solo project created by the talented musician Alex Moran and ‘1984’ appears to be the debut album under his newest persona.

Along with his band Quiet as a Mouse, Moran's creative vision shines through as he delivers a unique piece full of emotions similar to his previous captivating work ‘Is It Funny When It Hurts?’.

Listening to the album '1984' is like embarking on a captivating car ride that takes you to a beachside city. From the very first track, the music envelops you, transporting you to a place where you feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of the open road. The melodies and the overall sound feel like passing scenery, just like the beautiful album cover.

The album starts with ‘Miss Parker’, a track that blends elements of indie-rock and indie-pop. This track with its soulful and bluesy harmonica sound and Alex Moran’s soft and smooth vocals creates a melancholic, yet blissful song. For the second self-titled track, Moran changes the mood by transitioning to a rock song, and the lively electric guitar instrumental along with the artist’s incredible vocals, creates a captivating musical experience. 

Love Ain’t a Sin’ is one of the contenders for the most emotional and sentimental song of this year, at least for me. Moran’s vocal suits flawlessly to the song's mood and makes it even better and more effective as a tender track. 

The fourth track ‘Worth the Wait in Gold’ is an acoustic ballad that beautifully grasps Moran's passionate love as the artist repeats the words “Never met anyone like you” with his moving vocals, adding the song a more emotional impact.  With ‘Benny’s Backbeat’ the album takes a break from slow tracks and lightens up the mood. The smooth vocals that Moran blends in the middle of the song add great detail to the track, improving the overall quality to an even greater extent.

White Wine’ is another acoustic-based track rich in emotions. Moran sings: “I don’t even like white wine / But I do believe in love” subtly implying that despite personal preferences, love remains an enduring force with his gentle vocals, adding a touch of sincerity to the poignant lyricism. 

Almost finishing the album, ‘Sugarlane Cane’ surprises as an energetic track with its dynamic instrumental and powerful vocals of Moran. Catchy elements of the track immediately grasp the listener’s attention, making it hard to resist nodding along. The last track ‘Old Time Bar’ closes the album in a remarkable way, leaving the listener with the same sensational feeling they initially felt when starting the album. 

The Seven Deadly Sins do an exceptional job of immersing the listener in a journey that is fascinating and intense, transporting you to another world. With each song, the emotions ‘1984’ make you feel, become more profound and grow deeper. And ‘1984’ takes its place as one of this year's essential albums that must not be missed. 


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                                                                                                                                           Image: ‘1984’ Official  Album Cover 


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