Monday, May 29, 2023

Miley Cyrus Bleeds Summer Sadness In New ‘Jaded’ Music Video

Whilst ‘Flowers’ has dominated the 2023 summer charts, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus continues to delight fans with the newly released music video for the track ‘Jaded’. Featuring on Cyrus’s latest album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, the track is a sombre and soulful feature in a record celebrating self-love, resilience, and growth.

The ‘Jaded’ music video sees the star singing to the camera from the same home where her partner “said goodbye forever, but you never unpacked”.

Having a stripped-back music video to accompany the country-pop track intensifies the meaning behind the heartbreak and torment that is explored in the lyrics, where Cyrus sings apologies to their partner in an attempt for closure. 

‘Jaded’ explores themes of substance abuse and sorrow through singing “You just jump in your car and head down to the bar ‘til you’re blurry”.  Personal, raw narratives have been embedded into the singer’s extensive discography, as illustrated in her 2019 single ‘Slide Away’, to create emotionally resonant music that touches on delicate themes in an authentic manner.  

Whilst the track explores the end of a relationship and how “you broke your own heart, but you’d never say that”, the contrasting and lingering feelings amplified in “you’re lonely now and I hate it” makes ‘Jaded’ a track that explores the impact of a failed relationship in a nuanced and vulnerable method.  

Alanya Smith


Image: ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ Official Album Cover

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