Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Eruption Artistique Create An Illusive and Immersive Track ‘So Strange’

Eruption Artisitique have released their latest single ‘So Strange’, a track that combines indie with the key elements of rock n roll that result in a dark, immersive soundscape that mystifies the listener from the get-go.

Based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Eruption Artistique describe themselves as an alternative collective, using their talents as musicians, filmmakers, photographers and actors to fully immerse themselves within their art. Their discography as a duo includes a multitude of affluent releases including ‘The Icon EP’.

Eruption Artistique explore themes such as love, tolerance and equality, while standing up against conservatism and racism. They have stated that they aim to work within cinema, television, and documentaries. 

‘So Strange’ is about a love story ending with a new beginning and is explored through different tones and melodies. Opening with a distorted symbol and ongoing, strong back beat that is paired with picking on an electrical guitar that mimics the blues. This soundscape gives the track a sombre feeling and each element mirrors the other and perfectly experiments with the stylistic fingerprints of classic rock n roll. The result? A hypnotic sound and vintage feel that transports the listener into a hazy fascination.

However, this is broken up by a synth that adds a wash of indie and it is by the chorus that there is a shift in the sound scape entirely. The funky bass and sytnh marks a change in the tempo and rhythm, giving a slightly happier sound. It is this confused concoction that gives ‘So Strange’ a sense of modernism and a venerable presence.

Bas Van Splunder has hushed and soft vocals and sound eerily similar to Phoebe Bridgers. Her mezzo-soprano style adds texture to the track and perfectly mirrors the soundscape that is ever-changing.

With levels of distortion and static within the instrumentals, Van Splunder’s performance is not overshadowed by this complex mix, in fact it showcases her talents and captivates the varying tempos. Her vocals are haunting and melancholic fitting perfectly with the added echoes and distortion.  However, there are hints of hope and optimism within the song’s chorus and further plays on the listener's emotions.

‘So Strange’ showcases Eruption Artistique’s ability to create experimental music through varying themes, strong narratives and immersive soundscapes through a balance of rock meets indie, organic and synthetic instrumentals. Their bold and inventive style would perfectly fit on the silver screen.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘So Strange’ Official Single Cover

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