Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Contemporary post-punk and jazz experimentalists Opus Kink release an unrivalled new single

Masters of combining modern punk with jazz, Opus Kink release their latest single ‘Children’, which holds an outstanding collection of sounds and vocals.

This is the third single released from the Brighton sextet this year and this is by far the punchiest one yet, taking you on a three-minute journey of gothic-yet-groovy noise.  

There aren’t many bands around like Opus Kink and this track is a prime example of their uniqueness. The terrifying intro to the song, with screams and shouty vocals, blends into a sci-fi atmosphere, clouding the chorus with the siren-sounding keyboard notes. The chorus’ throughout the record increase in intensity with louder trumpets, and more obvious vocals, from genius frontman Angus Roberts. The lyrics ‘‘carry my babies’’ grow in magnitude during each chorus becoming more of a statement with every refrain.  

Opus Kink’s instrumental sections of every song of theirs is always special. A stand-alone piece of music containing a mix of sounds that shouldn’t work together, yet mingle to create a perfect Opus Kink sound. They make a complete jazz record and combine it with sensational punk noise to make this purely remarkable and unrepeatable record.  

Alice Mason

Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: Children’ Official Single Cover


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